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Zz28....... 4 Cocos nucifera seeds, Green Malayan Dwarf Coconut


NOTE: If you want more (or less) than 4 coconut seeds please contact me and I'll set up a special order for you.   The online store shipping calculator isn't set up for shipping more than 4 of these seeds in one order.  However, if you want small quantities of other fresh seeds that are in stock they can be ordered with 4 coconuts and get combined for shipping. The shipping will still be the same $14.00 shipping cost in a medium USPS flat rate box if other smaller packages of seed are included in the order.

No shipping to Hawaii or outside the USA.

These are sold as a set of 4 for $20.00 and shipping will be $14.00 so $34.00 total for four seeds shipped.

The Green Malayan Dwarf variety of coconut has very sweet water in the nuts. They grow with a straight trunk that doesn't have the wide flared base of the trunk like some others. They start producing fruit at a much shorter height than some other types and fruit can be picked without a pole or ladder for 10 years or so. They do not grow as tall or have as long of fronds as many other types. The mother tree in the pic is over 20 years old. This is a zone 10 outdoor plant.

These nuts are allowed to fully mature on the tree so they have a much higher germination rate than nuts bought at food stores because the nuts used for food are harvested many months before maturity when the taste is best.

The coconuts are smaller than most varieties which makes them ideal for shipping since I can fit four in a box that I couldn't even fit one of some of the large nut types. Even though the nuts aren't physically large they have a high germination rate as you can see in the pic where I've started a bunch shoulder to shoulder that I pot up and sell locally as 3-5 gallon plants after they're a few years old.

The one in the size 8 flip-flop pic is in a 6" pot and the other pic of a potted seedling is a 2 gallon pot. So you can see these seeds are small which makes them particularly good to grow indoor where space is a consideration and keeps shipping costs per seed down.