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Z.e 10 Caryota mitis seeds, Clumping Fishtail Palm, fully cleaned Picked 9/14/21


Caryota mitis is the latin name for the plant commonly known as Clumping Fishtail Palm.

These 10 seeds are picked before dropping when mature, cleaned of the fleshy fruit, and are ready for germination. This is a warm zone 9 or zone 10 + palm outside and also grows well as an indoor potted plant in cooler climates.


Soak for two days changing water at the end of day one. Plant 3-4 seeds in 6" community pots with loose sandy soil mix. Keep temp above 90 degrees F. for quickest germination but will eventually sprout at temps above 70 F.

Alternative is to soak as mentioned above then use baggie method with damp sphagnum moss and again keep temp above 90 F.

You can speed up germination by carefully using a sharp knife or razor blade to scrape off off the endocarp (shell) of seed where the pin head size small dimple is, you'll find it by looking closely. This will expose the tip of the white plumule. Do this before soaking or placing the seeds in soil or other media.

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