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70-81 Custom Studs for Upper Control Arm Cross Shaft Mount      click for more pics and product details

70-81 Custom Studs for Upper Control Arm Cross Shaft Mount click for more pics and product details


These are modified (shortened) Moroso studs to be used with Lab-14 upper control arm mount reinforcement plates and PTFB or other G-Braces. These studs have a wider base and wider/deeper spline section than the stock studs. The wider/deeper base and spline section will hold the stud more securely and solidly than the stock stud so it can better hold up to the forward/rearward forces exerted by the G-Braces trying to wiggle the stud. They are stronger because they are made of SEA 8740 grade steel which exceeds grade 8 specs.

When using G braces the upper control arm studs where the G braces are attached experience sheer force from the braces. On a stock vehicle without braces the studs do not see any sheer force, only tension.  These studs have a 190,000 PSI sheer strength and the wider knurled base helps spread the force over a wider area.

These studs have been cut to the length of the stock studs to insure the same clearance the stock studs allowed for exhaust manifolds or headers. If you want full length studs contact us before ordering and we'll send full length studs you can cut to your desired length.

The threaded section of these studs is 1/2" like the original studs so all factory upper control arms and aftermarket arms (that I'm aware of) can be used with these studs.

Each stud comes with a regular threaded nut to be used for mocking up suspension and during front end alignment as well as a distorted thread lock nut to be used one time at the very end after all work and alignment is completed. This way you can easily assemble and dis assemble parts using the regular threaded nut while working on the car then after everything is done install the (one time use) lock nut. These locking nuts work best if only used once and on cars that are used competitively you don't want an upper control arm nut loosening because you'll loose the shims and have to get the car realigned. The all steel distorted thread locking nuts are not affected by heat from exhaust as Nylock nuts can be. Each stud also comes with one washer to be used along with your alignment shims (if needed) to space the UCA cross shaft during front end alignment.

These studs are sold as a kit that includes 2 studs with hardware. The reason they are sold in pairs instead of a set of four is because the main reason for their use is strengthening the forward cross shaft mounting point where G-Braces are also attached. The rear cross shaft stud won't see any shear forces from a G-Brace trying to wiggle them. So for guys running G-braces on a tight budget, all you really need is one pair for the forward points where the G-Braces are held. However, if you want to use these studs for all four UCA cross shaft studs they will only make the whole UCA mount assembly stronger and more secure.

 Installation of these modified ARP studs requires drilling a larger hole through the stock UCA mount and the Lab-14 UCA reinforcement plate for the larger than stock spline base of the stud. Details are included in the installation instructions here on the website. If you need a bit the correct size copy & paste this link