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75-81 Late 2nd gen F body Lower Control Arm Mount Reinforcement Kit 9/16" Click for more pics and product details


The Lower Control Arm mounts on the 2nd gen F bodies weren't a great design. Side forces from cornering etc. are transferred to the edge of the sheet metal the sub frame is stamped out of through the LCA mounting bolts. To make things worse the stock bolts contact the frame through the threaded section of the bolt on one side of each bolt.

With the side loads modern aftermarket suspensions and tires can create the mounting holes in the stock sub frame are easily overloaded and damaged. This kit is designed to spread the shear force exerted by the lower control arms and stiffen the mount area to reduce flex. Kit can be used to repair damaged LCA mounts for applications where the stock LCAs will be used as well as applications where aftermarket suspensions use the factory pick up points for tubular control arms.

 Standard kit comes with a combination of custom fitted pieces washers that get welded to the sub frame along with grade 8 bolts and correct distorted thread nuts.