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75-81 Late 2nd gen F body Front Sway Bar Mounts click for more pics and product details


The stock threaded frame holes or factory rivnuts used to hold the front sway bar to the sub frame are often stripped, missing, rusted out, or have been damaged. These Lab-14 plates provide a stronger mounting point by reducing frame flex and providing a more solid threaded section using grade 8 nuts welded to the plate which is also threaded. Socket head cap screws (Allen head) with grade 8 washers are included and make sway bar installation easier particularly when large diameter sway bars are used which often affect the ability to use a socket on stock style hex head bolts.  Additionally threaded rod sections are included to use while welding as a heat sink preventing the nuts from slightly warping which can cause interference in the threads. The third hole seen in the plate is for a plug weld.

While these mounts can be used for repairs on restoration type builds they also provide a stronger more solid mount for aftermarket sway bars that are used for auto X, road courses, or other race activities. Additional features include slightly wider bolt spacing to make oversize sway bar mounting easier, weld through Zinc coating on the back side for rust protection. Priced as a pair with installation and sway bar mounting hardware included. Installation instructions are in the instructions section of this website.

Sold as a pair of right/left.