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70-74 Firebird Modified Reproduction Engine Mounts click for more pics and details


These are modified reproduction 70-74 Firebird, Trans Am, and Formula engine mounts for use with Pontiac V8 engines. They will work with all 70 and later Pontiac V8 engines when used with the original 70-74 Firebird frame mounts. These have been modified to greatly increase the torque handling capability compared to the stock and unmodified reproduction engine mounts that are known to fail with high torque engines (even the stock performance engines) and when the vehicle is used for drag racing or other activities. They will handle 500+ HP & torque when properly installed.

These engine mounts feature additional welds on the cross bolt nut, and a serrated washer welded on the cross bolt tab that isn't nutted. They also have an additional (non factory)  bolt through the rubber section that solidly connects the upper and lower metal plates of the mount.  The additional bolt greatly increases the torque handling capacity of the mount by preventing the rubber section from splitting while allowing the rubber to still perform it's function of reducing engine noise, vibration, etc. from being transferred to engine frame mount and sub frame. The additional bolt is threaded into one side (which is tapped with threads) and then welded on the threaded end once it is lightly torqued in place (without compressing the rubber) to remove the possibility of it loosening over time. When mounted in the vehicle these modified mounts look stock.

Cross bolts, engine mount bolts, and frame mounts are not included. This product is sold as a pair of right and left mounts that bolt to the engine block.